Sample Questions


We have given a few sample questions that are asked at the interviews

Most candidates who answer the questions have the correct answer but during the interview, one has to answer the question in a way they appear as the best answer and displays all the required and desirable criteria for selection

We will work on the answers of these questions so maximum points are gained during the interview

 Ethical Scenarios

1)When walking past the hospital at 7.30pm you see a colleague walking out of the main entrance. Having discussed this with another junior, it appears that this happens regularly. His shift finishes at 5.00pm. What do you do?



2)You have been asked to see a patient in clinic. He is accompanied by a prison warder and has been in the local press extensively over the past month as a known rapist. Your female colleague has flatly refused to see him. How would you deal with the situation?


3)You are just about to submit a research paper when your colleague asks you to put his name on it also and that your Consultant on the paper has said it was ok. You are aware that they meet socially outside the hospital and they play rugby together. How would you deal with this?


Clinical scenario

1)You are the CT on call your ST3 trainee asks you to see a patient with Right upper quadrant pain who has fever with chills and rigors.

Please tell us how you will deal with this patient

Please tell us specific tests you will order for this patient

Please give us the differential diagnosis for this patient




2)You are called down to the A& E Resus your ST 3 is currently operating .The patient has crush injury to his foot that he suffered at work.Please outline the steps in management of this patient

Please tell us the potential complications this patient will develop

Please tell us the different specialities you would like to contact


3)You are on call and the ward nurses ring you about a patient who had a Low anterior resection one week ago.He is hypotensive and has a pulse rate of 110/min

Please outline your steps of management

Please tell us the possible causes for his current situation

Please tell us the specific investigations you would like to order




General Questions

A senior colleague comes in to work smelling of alcohol for the second occasion, what do you do?

(and subsets of this i.e.regulatory body/fitness to practice)

What is the most difficult operation you have done unsupervised?

Is there a role for unsupervised operating?

Are simulators of any benefit to surgical training?

What qualities make a good surgeon?

How do you get the most out of your training ?

What do you know about non technical skills in surgery?

How do current changes to junior doctors affect training?

Without opening your portfolio, what part of it are you most proud of ?

was that the assessment of one person?

What aspects of your practice would you like to improve upon?

What are your future plans and where do you see yourself in 5-10 Years?

Do you know of any national audits?

Tell us about any audits you have been involved in?

Can you describe the hierarchy of research?

What experience do you have of research?

When do you plan to finish the project and submit your thesis?

What benefits have you gained from your research projects?

How many publications do you have and did they come from the research project?