• I  just wanted to feedback and say a big “Thank you” for the course  It was definitely worth the money and I will recommend it next year. I am pleased to say I was ranked number 1 at interview and I have my first choice of ST3 job. The teaching, materials and venue were excellent and I have no doubt the course ensured my success!
  • “This course was much better than expected !! The low numbers of participants made it a much better experience…”
  • “This course is exactly what is needed for ST3 interviews very helpful…”
  • “Very Good course Excellent Job Highly Recommended!!..”
  • I am a CT2 and I can’t tell you how happy I am to get a post in my dream job first time round. I have been worrying about the ST3 interview from day 1 of core training and your course was 100% the most helpful thing for preparation. It taught me so much and it was absolutely spot on to what the interviewers were looking for. I know you said you want to stop doing it maybe this year or next. However, unless they change the structure of the interview I believe you should carry on because you are helping so many people. Your enthusiasm shone through and that was one of the best aspects.